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Palacium Eco City

The Palacium Urban Integration plays its part successfully incorporating new development into the existing urban landscape within established cities.

These developments consist of multiple land uses contained within a single building or several buildings of diverse uses within a diverse development site. One of the benefits of mixed use development is the integrative urban solutions that mix life style, economy of scale and business and cultural expansion.

The Palacium Eco City benefits developers, investors and the surrounding neighborhood. The Eco City concept offers flexible building plans aimed to fulfill the unique market demand in urban communities.

The Palacium Eco City

  • The opportunity to provide green development that utilizes ecologically efficient materials and construction.
  • High occupancy rates among commercial spaces due to proximity of residences.
  • Varied investment strategies due to mixed use buildings.
  • Urban centers remain active and appealing during non-business hours due to the balance provided by mixed-use development.

The Palacium Eco City Benefits

  • Creation of opportunities for pubic recreation
  • Using land in a more efficient manner due to increased density and mixed-use.
  • Reduced dependency on cars improves air quality.
  • Improved infrastructure for ease of public access.