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Palacium Eco Marine

Palacium Eco Marine approach is to complement natural features and maintain accessibility of public waterfront spaces.

Palacium Space Planning is characterized by its pursuit of creating attractive public spaces within the waterfront developments. Meaning that in each project, we would prioritize the design of a network of well-linked, multipurpose public spaces that will suit the community’s goals. By planning a waterfront revitalization around public spaces, new construction will improve the quality of existing features.

Palacium Urban Betterment waterfronts adds value to the natural landscape and allows developers to plan and build new urban facilities. The Palacium approach for redevelopment in waterfront zones is to prioritize public interests first and then to address economical and financial concerns.

Palacium Urban Design seeks to improve existing urban assets by integrating the needs of the larger community into public spaces within the development. A citizen centered project garners public support and increased market demand.

Palacium Eco Marine developments offer multiple venues creating attractions that encourage walking and personal interaction within the development. The creation of parks and positioning of open space in a balanced fashion with buildings create efficient use of energy and resources. The business community, community organizers and stakeholders should assist in identifying important amenities and attractions relevant to specific waterfront locations.

The Palacium vision for Eco Marine developments is for the distinct public, private and commercial features to be well linked, forming a cohesive waterfront community. A waterfront community that provides spaces for with a variety of activities will effectively connect destinations. Developing these seamless connections is a tough challenge that comprises of housing, entertainment, retail and recreation.

Palacium takes every step to make the waterfront accessible for public access as much as possible. Continuous public access to waterfront developments gain more community support compared to those that are restricted. The public connection to the waterfront and amenities will ensure support and desirability among the community and will benefit the varied businesses there.

Palacium Eco Marine waterfront must be surrounded with natural beauty and promote a healthy environment. There is a close connection between the environment and human needs.

Palacium Master Planning concentrates on short and long term goals. Simple actions such as planting flowers or conserving existing valuable assets can be a good way not only to test ideas, but to also reshape the existing beachfront space. Staging and phasing is crucial when complex long-term development is planned.