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Palacium Eco Village

Palacium Urban Integration introduces the efficiency of the urban village concept to outlying areas. The Eco Village live, work, play master planned communities are categorized by medium density housing, pedestrianized common areas, green public spaces and an efficient nearby public transportation system.

Palacium urban Eco Villages are here to set the new standard of suburban living by providing conveniences traditionally reserved for urban areas.

Key Features of Eco Villages:

  • Promote cycling and walking instead of relying on cars.
  • Simplify and ease strong community contacts and institutions.
  • Efficiency of land use. Building ratio 1-1.5
  • Prominent green space.
  • Public transportation facilities.
  • Pedestrian pathways in public places.
  • Regionalization: City extension and suburbanization.
  • High level of public facilities in recreational and public areas.
  • A strong community organizational structure.
  • Ecological waste collection technology.