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Urban Actors


Palacium Urban Integrators offers a one stop shop for developing urban projects. Palacium integrates planning and all related developmental know-how along with proper considerations of the interests of the urban actors: landowners, investors, branded chainsĀ and construction companies.


Our clients include private and public landowners that want to increase the value of their land, to create a significant project, to get approved master plan permits or to expose new projects to the market.


The investors might be a private home buyer, a limited partner who seeks to be a seed investor or an institutional investor such as: banks, insurance companies, High net worth individuals, retirement and pension funds, hedge funds, investment advisors and mutual funds.

Home Buyers are local and international investors wishing either to live at the property and/or to cash in annual returns from rental activities. The rental process can be done directly by the owner or through the local property management company.

Branded Chains

The branded chains are the anchors that contribute to the appeal of a new urban project. Palacium seeks to increase the visibility and attractiveness of urban projects by partnering with established international brands such as; branded residences, hotel operators, food, fashion, retail, entertainment and leisure. These brands participate through various modes of operation such as management, franchising, affiliate ownership, leases and rentals. Palacium participates in presenting new business opportunities to brands within the new urban projects. It is for the benefit of all to integrate renowned international brands as well as new vibrant niche brands to the projects.

Construction Company

The selected construction company, takes all the responsibility with respect to construction, engineering, planning and execution as well as the warranty of good workmanship given to the home buyers once the residence is ready for occupancy.