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Palacium and Landowner

  • The Landowner selects one of the Palacium Service Packs.
  • The Palacium Service Pack consulting service is developed in the scope of maximizing building potential, leveraging the land and the project value by offering an eco-friendly development.
  • Enhance the value proposition of the Land, confirm the certainty of the building rights contribute to the risk mitigation strategy of the investors.
  • Creating market awareness for the project with all available sellable, rentable and leasable products.
  • Palacium international brand contributes to market reach by increasing visibility and promoting the land and the proposed development.
  • Palacium Service Packs add value to achieve premium pricing on sales.
  • Palacium contributes to joint venture creations with potential investors.


Palacium and Investors

  • Strategic Investors may participate in project financing through a variety of means, including purchase of development rights and/or equity participation in the land ownership company.
  • Private investors and home buyers are invited to purchase apartments off the plan (pre-construction) apartments, investments from $50K and more.
  • All investments ranging from institutional investments to micro investments in any project will result in a legal and commercial agreement done solely and directly with the landowner’s development company.
  • Home buyers are invited to sign up for one of the properties developed by Palacium shown in the listings as well as in the affiliated websites.
  • While Palacium’s role is to facilitate the home buyer’s exposure to the project, the actual purchase  and transaction of the apartment or any other proposed asset in the development is done solely and directly with the landowner’s development company.


Palacium and the Branded Chains

  • Palacium projects serve as a development platform for local and international brands. Palacium solicits in the early stages of planning and design, brands from various industries such as hoteliers, residency brands, retail and leisure.
  • It is in the landowner’s interest to include established and new brands into their project as they contribute to the local consumer preferences and needs.
  • All lease, rent or sale agreements are handled directly between the branded chains and the landowner’s development company.


Palacium and Construction Company

  • Palacium may be approached by construction companies wishing to bid on projects.
  • Construction companies would be required to assure validity, operability and legality of all technical aspects of the construction process as well as providing all project permits in accordance with the local law.
  • The actual construction legal and commercial agreements of the project are handled solely and directly with the landowner’s development company.