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Getting started

The Palacium Service Package is the core engagement of the landowner in order to transform the value of their land. Landowners are invited to contact Palacium directly or through one of our authorized partners. Once the Start Up Kit is uploaded Palacium integrators will examine the documents and will revert to the landowner with their initial analysis.

Phase 1

The landowner together with Palacium will determine the Service Package that is appropriate for the current stage of development. A Legal document is then presented to the landowner in which the terms, remunerations and schedule are stated.

Phase 2

Palacium executes the selected Service Pack within a period determined by the Pack duration. The most popular Pack is the Palacium Pack that covers all relevant actions toward a detailed master plan permit approval by local authorities. It includes plans ranging from 1:500 to 1:100, image renderings and written documents presenting the project. (See Palacium Packs)

Phase 3

After approval of the proposed master plan by the local authorities, Palacium will adapt the lead generator platform in order to communicate the project to relevant investors and home buyers. With the assistance of local architects, Palacium will execute final design and assist in launching the bidding process to select a construction company.


Palacium Urban Integrators

The 3 basic phases as described above are for illustration purpose only and do not detail the full complexity of the tasks (see Service Packs). Palacium plays a pivotal role between the four major actors: landowners, investors, branded chains and the construction companies. Palacium is the platform that sets the financial, planning, marketing and execution guidelines for the projects.

Palacium Urban Integrators collaborate with local architects approved by the landowner. Jointly they submit the master plan assuring compliance with the local requirements. The company that develops the project chooses local structural and MEP engineers (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) as well as environmental impact specialists and landscape designers.

The landowner provides Palacium with local guidance and assistance to help Palacium to complete the Service Pack.

Palacium and the landowners may make amendments to the agreement based on mutual consent. They decide mutually upon any changes of the Palacium Service Pack or substitutions of design concept, products and materials as reasonably required.

The landowner’s company submits the final drawings and plans to the local authorities and will meet, negotiate, and interact with all appropriate governmental officials who have jurisdiction over the construction of the project in order to have it approved by the local authorities.

Palacium uses its best efforts to locate various types of investors. Investors may include home buyers, or institutional investors who may invest in the form of a Joint Venture.

Palacium manages the registration of buyers through an online lead generator platform and may select additional agents and brokers for any of the projects in order to maximize market exposure.

Palacium acts as a consultant and is not responsible for the actual construction of the project, nor plays any part in contractual agreements between the landowners and investors, branded chains and construction companies.