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Marketing Your Project

The Palacium Integrators are qualified to promote and market with all available means “The Project” that the landowner is aspiring for and beyond… As a provider of real estate development services Palacium caters to the residential and commercial needs of the landowners by providing them with a myriad of exclusive services. We believe in making every project exciting, cost effective and ecological.

Landowner clients can realize their dreams for their exclusive properties with the Palacium Service Packs. Our experts and partners will assist in increasing land valuation as well as enhancing the commercial attractiveness of your property. We will assist you in planning the most impressive and consumer centered commercial and residential centered properties for our clients.


Be Part of a Brand

Palacium is our own registered trademark. Palacium is entitled to use the brand name in locales and for construction projects worldwide. The brand name of your project can be under Palacium, or a newly branded name as part of the service pack offering.

The wording “Serviced by Palacium” is always added to any brand name elected by Palacium and the landowner. The Palacium brand name is the sole and exclusive property of Palacium, and the Landowner may use and profit from the brand name under agreed conditions.

Palacium can grant you the landowner, a non-transferable, non-exclusive license solely to use the brand name in any activity which is related to your project.