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Gold Pack

The Palacium Gold Pack takes the project from the initial proposal deeper into its identity and position in the market. This pack covers all elements of the Silver Package and additionally proposes an executive business plan and a branding strategy.

The business plan illustrates the financial components of the project, marketing and commercial tasks to be executed and a P&L document. The branding strategy is based on building an emotional bond between the project and the future clientele such as buyers, residents and investors. The branding package includes customized graphic design elements comprising of logos, printed collateral and online presence.

Total Duration: 120 days

Review of the start up kit

  • A legal screening of all uploaded documents.
  • Examining the location of the project.
  • Verifying relevant key information about the location of the land and market conditions.


Legal Agreement

  • English language binding agreement and a translated version to be reviewed by the parties.
  • The parties legal advisors will exchange reserves based on the Palacium Agreement Template.
  • The legal document signed by the legal representatives of the parties.


Conceptual Development

  • Consulting with local experts including architects.
  • Review of local urban planning codes regarding density, height, materials, infrastructure and other regulations.
  • Study of 2 optional development plans.


Executive Business Plan

  • Study of the market conditions, needs and competition.
  • Projections of financial modeling including P&L and valuation.
  • Marketing and sales strategy outlook.


Branding and Corporate Identity

  • Defining the project identity/values that stand out from the local competition.
  • Creating the visual identity of the project including logos, collateral and stationery.
  • Designing an attractive and current web and social media presence.