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As a one stop shop, our aim is to facilitate the complex task of land development and to present development alternatives and clear milestones to our landowners. We offer world class urban property development services through a variety of the Palacium Service Packs, ranging from design, branding, financial consulting, building & construction, and management services. We can scale up our engagement in each of the projects depending on the needs and requests of our clients.


Increase Your Land’s Value

Palacium empowers private and public landowners wishing to develop their undeveloped land assets and turn them into attractive urban communities. We create sustainable living environments as well as maximize the financial potential of land assets. We believe that each land asset is one of a kind. Therefore, it is crucial to formulate the best use of each unique land asset within its environment.

Our clients, the landowners, play a crucial role in each of our projects. We work closely with our clients on critical aspects of land development, including evaluation of financials, as well as planning/zoning and environmental factors. We can manage active and passive clients’ involvement throughout the life cycle of the project as long as there is a mutual understanding of the objectives and the methods to achieve them.


Your Goal is Our Challenge

Our core service is to provide a variety of urban development packages tailored to the needs and aspirations of our landowner clients. Palacium Urban Integration bundles all inclusive solutions to landowners who wish to increase the value of their land assets, including association with local and international branded chains.

Palacium Premium Residents & Resorts brand targets the middle upper class housing market in presenting an innovative mixed use urban design approach. The Palacium Service Packs offer a range of services from design to complete project build out.


The Urban Matrix

Palacium Urban Betterment approach consists of a wide spectrum of elements that drive the land development decision making process. The Palacium Urban Matrix exposes the opportunities and risks in the local market that influence the potential developed value of the land. In collaboration with our team of experienced architects, designers, engineers and financial planners, Palacium aims to transform undeveloped land into a remarkable and desirable property for the benefit of potential home buyers and investors of various backgrounds. Our clients are kept current on a regular basis as to the status of their investment starting from the feasibility phase through design, permitting, bidding and construction.


The Urban Integrators

Palacium Urban Integration is a collaborative development concept applied to carry out clear strategy to promote and fructify undeveloped land. By producing innovative ideas, Palacium Urban Integration offers an updated solution to the multitude of political, financial and life style ambitions and agendas of the variety of people involved in large scale urban planning projects such as: landowners, investors, branded chains and construction companies.


Institutional Real Estate

Palacium makes every effort to bring value to your property by generating economy of scale, an urban “WOW” effect and a viable eco-friendly environment. We will present your developed project to a variety of local and international investors and home buyers as well as institutional investors. Palacium encourages institutional investors such as: investment banks, insurance companies, high net worth individuals, retirement and pension funds, hedge funds, investment advisors and mutual funds to participate in the financing of the projects, benefiting from the economy of scale and the attractive business opportunities that it represents.