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A Trusted Name in Urban Development

Palacium is a unique urban development consulting firm that utilizes an extensive set of innovative knowledge based tools to benefit our landowner clientele. Our purpose is to maximize clients’ land value by creating versatile new communities and by meeting the multi-faceted requirements for mixed-use neighborhoods that benefit future residents.


Palacium and Worldwide Residential Trends

The exceptional explosion of construction and the real estate industry around the world has opened new avenues for innovation in building designs along with construction planning. Palacium is an urban integration service provider that offers cost efficient and quality development consulting.

Palacium Service Packs are practical for their utility as both private and public landowners can make the most out of our services to maximize their land value. Palacium Urban Packs bring the best of all services to one place, combining innovative design solutions, branding and financial consulting. This integration allows landowners to increase their land value and to bring state of the art institutional real estate investment to market.

The concept of revitalized inner city communities offering a variety of housing options such as mixed use, urban villages, and eco-friendly homes are gaining popularity. People prefer to live at a property that has all the necessary facilities and added luxuries to satisfy both their wants and needs. The preferences of modern urban dwellers, whether for town houses, apartments or single family homes are clearly for mixed use communities. Living in close proximity to educational, employment and entertainment venues is a necessity. Palacium is focused on providing such integrated city housing schemes to its clients.

Remarkable design, planning, branding and financial consulting are our expertise. We at Palacium take on every project as a challenging venture, we analyze all aspects ranging from financial goals to community perspective and provide our clients, considered by us as our partners, world-class development services.