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Palacium facilitates micro to large investment opportunities. Investment schemes are available with Palacium in various forms. All investments are performed with the companies that hold the land development rights and are the legal entity that sell lease and rent apartments, commercial and entertainment venues. The Palacium brand is the business platform that allows such investments.

Palacium attracts investments to the projects as well as name brand residence firms, international hotel & resort franchises and management brands. Our partnerships bring recognized brands to new urban locations where they contribute to the enrichment of the urban experience

Palacium Presale

This type of investment is designed for micro investors such as home buyers or investors that would like to benefit from cash flow in the form of monthly rents and solid annual returns.

Home owners can rent their property themselves or can engage a local property management company. Property management can include oversight of all rental procedures such as collecting payments, paying fees, maintaining the asset and distributing income.

Buying a property off the plan (pre-construction) can earn you exciting discount offers not offered during later phases of development. This kind of investment allows you to buy the apartment of your choice, in advance, with preferential financial and payment conditions.

Palacium Limited Partners

This form of investment is designed for medium sized investors that would like to hold a stake in the project. Limited Partners (LP’s) are invited to invest a predetermined share that will benefit them with higher returns as early investors.

The LP will enjoy the benefits of owning a share of the investment and will be entitled to a percentage of the annual Net Operating Profits of the project. In addition, the LP will be given a collection of benefits associated with the property that will enhance the ownership experience beyond the profit entitlement. Benefits include:

  • Preferred home buying and or commercial space privileges.
  • Owner’s discount on all consumed services at the project.
  • VIP treatment during stay for all owners and their guests.
  • Owner’s special storage and parking facilities.
  • Owners can invite up to 5 friends to become members of the private Spa at the property.


Palacium Institutional

This form of investment is designed for strategic investors that would like to control a large stake of the project. The institutional investors might be investment banks, insurance companies, high net worth individuals, retirement and pension funds, hedge funds, investment advisors and mutual funds.

The proposed structure attempts to provide the current landowner an effective way to:

  • Reduce development risk.
  • Raise the required development capital.
  • Maximize land and project value.
  • Retain controlling shares of the project.
  • Retain asset management contracts.